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Humanity has evolved; COVID-19 proves it

An opinion piece by Lene Rachel Andersen OK, so the EU did not order enough vaccines or were not wil...Read More

European Bildung Day 2021

European Bildung Day 2021 will be online and IRL across Europe on May 8th and online on May 9th. It ...Read More

Pulling the US back out into the 6th Circle

An analysis by Lene Rachel Andersen After years of the United States dissolving into various politic...Read More

What would Schiller have said about the January 6 insurrection?

Well, first of all, he would have said it in German, and since I don’t write German well, what...Read More

Hello world! We have a new website!

Nordic Bildung is getting a new website!  

Erasmus+ Bildung Across Europe

Nordic Bildung is part of an Erasmus+ project about bildung. Adult education organizations from 9 Eu...Read More

Watch the Bildung Fireside Chats

You can now watch the European Bildung Network fireside chat from November 12, 2021: What kind of bi...Read More

Metamodernity Discussion Lene Rachel Andersen & Tomas Björkman

Lene Rachel Andersen’s and Tomas Björkman’s book The Nordic Secret, which is a huge part of our inte...Read More

The Bildung Rose now has a website of its own

The Bildung Rose spontaneoulsy catches people’s imagination and gets their thinking going, so we gav...Read More

Bildung for the Danish Parliament

The book has been accepted as a Report to the Club of Rome. The two co-presidents, Sandrine Dixson-D...Read More

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