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Watch the Bildung Fireside Chats

You can now watch the European Bildung Network fireside chat from November 12, 2021: What kind of bildung do we need to handle exponential technologies? on YouTube: Guests are: Pernille Tranberg (DK), Anders Wijkman (SE) former MEP, and Azeem...Read More

Metamodernity Discussion Lene Rachel Andersen & Tomas Björkman

Lene Rachel Andersen’s and Tomas Björkman’s book The Nordic Secret, which is a huge part of our intellectual foundation, is now out in Germany with the German title: Das Skandinavische Geheimnis. This prompted the German publisher, Tom Amarque, to invite Lene and Tomas to his video series to talk ab...Read More

The Bildung Rose now has a website of its own

The Bildung Rose spontaneoulsy catches people’s imagination and gets their thinking going, so we gave it a website of its own: We are looking for business and other partners with whom we can develop ways of using the Bildung Rose to improve societies, institutions, work place...Read More

Bildung for the Danish Parliament

The book has been accepted as a Report to the Club of Rome. The two co-presidents, Sandrine Dixson-Declève and Mamphela Ramphele, write in their foreword: This book is a thoughtful and thought-provoking guide to enable humanity to re-focus on what is essential and to understand life-long learning, e...Read More

Metamodernity Paper

Metamodernity is an alternative to both modernity and postmodernism, a cultural code that presents itself as an opportunity if we work deliberately towards it. It is a vision, an option and a possible future scenario. You’ll finde the paper here: LINK Based on the book Metamodernity.

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