What would Schiller have said about the January 6 insurrection?

Well, first of all, he would have said it in German, and since I don’t write German well, what Schiller would have said exactly will not appear here. Second, I do not know, of course, what he would have said, but here is a qualified guess:

NO! No-no-no-no-no-NOOOO!!!! (OK, I could have written that in German: Nein! Nein-nein-nein-nein-nein-NEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN!!!!) Have these people no Bildung! Have they no knowledge about their political system and their liberties? Have they no emotional self-control? Are they in the throes of their passions and cannot stop and think??!!??

On the other hand: Schiller would have understood exactly why a disenfranchised former middle class would be ridden by anxiety and become angry enough to storm the institutions that have let them down.

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