Nordic Bildung Projects

European Bildung Day

May 8th and 9th 2021, Nordic Bildung will be the main organizer and host of the third European Bildung Day. It is the second time we host it online, and you can see the program here.

Nordic Bildung co-founded the European Bildung Day in 2019 when we were the main organizers of the European Bildung Day in Berlin on Europe Day, May 9th. You can see pictures from the event here. In 2020, we planned a two-day conference in Copenhagen on May 8th and 9th, but moved everything online due to corona. Videos from the event are still available here.

Erasmus+ Bildung: Inclusive Lifelong Learning Systems

The European Association for Education for Adults (EAEA) is the hosting organization behind this EU Erasmus+ project. Eleven partners from all over Europe will explore bildung for the Adult Learning and Education (ALE) sector in the fields of digitalisation, sustainability, democracy and basic skills education.

Nordic Bildung delivers the theoretical foundation for the concept of bildung that will allow the ALE organizations to implement it into their programs. You can read the material here, translated into the languages of all the involved countries.

Grundtvig 2030

The Danish theologian NFS Grundtvig came up with the concept of folk-bildung in the 1840s when Europe was struggling with major changes.

Nordic Bildung brings together past, present, and future in a series of online and IRL events. We we handpick, bring together and host an unusually broad, yet small group of professionals in a conversation about the bildung we need in order to create a future worth living in.

Continental Bildung Networks

In August of 2019, we and a handful of European volunteers decided to create a European Bildung Network, which could host the European Bildung Day.

Since David Brooks wrote about Lene Rachel Andersen and Tomas Björkman’s book The Nordic Secret: A European Story of Beauty and Freedom in the New York Times: we have been engaged in also establishing bildung networks in North America and Latin America. We are currrently hosting the two emerging networks here on our website and are looking very much forward to the two groups gaining members and momentum to set up organizations and websites of their own.